We know our nurseries are outstanding, but don’t just take our word for it!

Here are some lovely comments our parents have said:

Craig and Sam – 10/03/14
Our son Joshua has been attending Giggles and Wiggles since he was 10 months old and has been incredibly happy there for over a year now. We have always felt reassured by the kind and friendly staff. No request is too much trouble and they always answer any questions that we have with good, helpful information. It’s great that all the staff are as considerate of parents’ needs as they are for the children’s needs. Joshua has a fantastic time at nursery, he does multiple varied activities every day, he gets fresh air, outdoor play, physical and creative things to do, which really tire him out! We know that he is a happy there and it makes us very comfortable and secure knowing how much he is getting out of his days at nursery. Joshua eats like a horse at nursery, we’re lucky that we don’t get charged extra! He is offered a broad range of healthy, well prepared food. We could not recommend Giggles and Wiggles highly enough, we are so lucky to have found such a lovely place with great people to take care of our son. Thank you!

Simon and Jo – 20/02/14
Tess and Ellie both attend Giggles and Wiggles. They both love going and enjoy every aspect of the day. We only have positive comments to make about the nursery. It is a very welcoming, fun, safe environment. The staff are kind and approachable and we feel very confident to leave the two girls in their care. The nursery has played a hand in the development of the skills the girls now have. We are kept informed with daily updates, letters and emails of all of the “goings on” within the nursery. Over all, we would not hesitate to recommend the nursery to any prospective parents, as both girls love the nursery setting and all of the staff.

Rachael – 13/02/14
When Harrison first joined the nursery, I was very wary as his previous nursery was a home from home environment. Harrison settled well and the staff are very welcoming. There are numerous visits to help to introduce children and are scheduled at different times on the different days, which I found useful. The staff at the nursery are caring and Harrison seems to have settled well. I like the “daily review” of what Harrison has been doing / eating throughout the day and I feel I can share any concerns I may have with the staff. Harrison enjoys his time at nursery and is more of a challenge to get him out of nursery rather than going into nursery. Harrison seems to have a varied diet whilst at nursery and although he is not a fussy eater, he eats food at the nursery (such as sardines) that he wouldn’t usually eat at home. The activities that the nursery prepare for the children are imaginative and Harrison seems to enjoy getting involved in these activities. I as Harrison’s mum, have grown to like the nursery and feel that all the children are well cared for, the staff enjoy the job they do, therefore the children feel safe and I as a parent can feel reassured that my son is well looked after and always comes home with a smile on his face.

Dave and Sally – 13/02/14
We have had two children go through Giggles and Wiggles nursery and they have both loved it from day one. Theo recently left to go into Reception class at school, but had attended nursery from 7 months old. Over the years he spent at nursery, he gained in confidence with each room he entered and improved in social communication and academic achievement. In his first week at school we had to write a “Proud Cloud” on which we wrote that he could count from one to ten in French, knew all his phonics and had started to read and write. Parents and teachers were really impressed. Nursery at Giggles and Wiggles not only taught him social skills and confidence, but helped him feel confident and ready for school. Nursery helped build the foundations from which he can now flourish. Oscar, our youngest son, is in Gnomes and he is certainly following the same path. He grows in confidence with every room, he is exposed to daily challenges and supported wholly in his every developmental need. We have the upmost confidence in all staff and Giggles and Wiggles and would recommend this nursery to everyone. In our eyes this is the basis for children to be the best that they can be and Giggles and Wiggles certainly exceeds all our expectations.

James and Claire – 11/02/14
We have no experience of any other nursery in the area but we can’t imagine that any are better than Giggles & Wiggles. The staff are caring, the management team are helpful but most importantly of all the children enjoy it. The nursery deserved its outstanding Ofsted rating as its standards are consistently high day in day out. We have two children there four days a week and we know that for them each day is different. Our eldest is learning the skills necessary to prepare her for school while our youngest enjoys the experience of being around other children. They have fun at Giggles, eat well each day and are taken outside whenever possible. If you’re a working parent who wants to know your child is safe, well and in good care then look no further than Giggles – plus it’s open until 6:30pm for those rare days when that extra half-hour is really necessary!

Dan and Jayne – 11/02/14
Joseph is a very loving little boy and at first we were a little worried about how he would cope being away from mum and dad. But actually, we have been so pleased by how he’s settled, and he really likes going to nursery now. He is also gaining in confidence and really starting to talk and chatter all the time. Actually, Joseph is our second child at Giggles and Wiggles, and we had no hesitations in applying for a place there. Our first child, William is 4 now, and we will always be thankful for how supportive and kind the Pre-School team were when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in February 2013. This was obviously a massive shock for us, but it helped enormously that the Pre-School team were so willing to help William with anything he needed. The staff immediately accepted that he needed to have insulin injections and went through the training without any complaints or reservations at all. We will always be very thankful to them for that!