Our Facilities

We operate a “key person” system which offers you and your child a primary carer and point of contact. This carer will be responsible for welcoming your child into the nursery, helping them to settle in, form friendships and adapt to their new routine.

Under 2s

During the initial stages of nursery life we endeavour to follow the routine set by each individual allowing them to feed, rest and play when they require. A key person system compliments this by ensuring that individual needs are met. A daily diary is provided detailing all aspects of information about your baby’s day, and of course, members of staff are always available to discuss any aspects of your child’s day at any time.

The toys and equipment in these rooms have been carefully chosen for the little ones to enjoy, whilst at the same time teaching them to develop and master essential basic skills. We provide children with their own bedding baskets so that the children can sleep/rest in a cot or poddle pod when necessary. Babies and toddlers get plenty of fresh air either in the nursery garden or on a walk in the surrounding area in their pushchairs.

When you and we feel that your child is ready to embark on the next stage of nursery life, we start to introduce them to the nursery routine. Children are encouraged to take part in all nursery activities including paint, sand, water, messy-play, singing, music and movement and of course plenty of toys. If all this becomes too much, there are quiet areas for stories and rest-time. Outdoor play sessions and activities are organised in our secure play areas, weather permitting. Children will now be encouraged to follow the routines of the nursery.

2s to 3s

A more structured day is planned for the older children and their day usually starts with registration time. During this time the children sit in a circle and talk about what they have done or any news that they have to tell the rest of the group. This helps to build confidence and relationships. We try to to build on skills such as dance and movement, ball games and floor activities, although children are still given plenty of time for free play. Throughout the week, each child will participate in many activities ranging from messy play, to construction and discussion, using a wide range of books and resources. Although the children are closely supervised, they are encouraged to become more independent and tolerant of others.

The rooms are split into different areas: the home corner, where role-play and imaginative play are encouraged, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, language and literacy, art and crafts area and a book corner. Again, outdoor play is considered an essential part of the daily routine.

Funded sessions are available for eligible 2 year olds! Please ask for details!

Ages 3+

Funded sessions are available for 3 to 5 year olds – please ask for details!

For the over 3s the aim is to prepare the child for a successful transition into full-time education. Children are encouraged to sign in and out on the board and daily activities include messy play, role play, imaginative play, music, movement, ICT and plenty of free choice. Reading and writing, mathematics, personal and social skills, along with knowledge and understanding of the world are all common place within our busy week. Children have open access to books which we consider an essential part of reading development. Outdoor play is always available on a daily basis helping to improve each child’s social and co-ordination skills, as well as an ideal opportunity to just let off steam! .